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OHSI 16th Annual Conference
Physical Agents and Industrial Hygiene
Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st February 2007

Photos From the Day

Con Furey & Dr. Gurmail S Paddan
at the Preconference Workshop

Committee Members: Anne Moore, Marie Coggins, Frances Wright, Joe Kearney, Edel Costello, Colette O’Brien, Patricia McDonall, Con Furey, Margaret Cahill.

Conference Speakers: Dr. Gurmail Paddan, John Ryan, Dr. Colin Davy, Dr. Sharon McGuinness, Yvette Christopher, Martin Axon, OHSI Hon. President Joe Kearney.

Celebrating 20 years of OHSI with past presidents: Loretta Mathew, Sean McCusker, Ian Eustace, Tom O’Connor, Con Furey, Ken Macken, Marion O’Brien, Nicholas DePaor

BOHS President Andy Gillies, OHSI President Joe Kearney


8.30 Registration
9.00 Conference opening Mr Joe Kearney OHSI Hon. Pres.
9.05 Respirable Crystalline Silica. New developments in European legislation and control.
Dr. Colin Davy
It describes the hazard, exposure pattern and possible legislative and guidance solutions to the problem of silica exposure worldwide and particularly within Europe.
9.50 The Cardio-Pulmonary health effects of
exposure to respirable Crystalline Silica dust.

Dr. Ted Murphy
When Crystalline Silica becomes airborne exposed workers can in time develop serious heart and lung disease.
10.30 Tea/Coffee Break
11.00 REACH - What changes will it bring?
Dr. Sharon McGuinness

Update of the key elements of the REACH
regulation as well as looking at the changes that it will bring to the use of chemicals in the occupational and consumer settings.
11.45 Human vibration: guidelines and regulations
Dr. Gurmail Paddden
This presentation will introduce the topic of human exposure to
vibration; this will cover both whole-body and hand-arm vibration. Including what industry are expected to do to comply with the new Regulations.
12.30 Open Forum
13.00 Lunch
14.15 Measurement of Containment Effectiveness Through the Use of Surrogate Powders and/or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Martin Axon

A proper approache to conducting a meaningful occupational hygiene survey to measure potential exposure to pharmaceutical materials including what to do when there is no monitoring method for the material of interest. 
15.00 Non-Ionising radiation in the workplace
John Ryan, BSC, DIP. COMP., DIP. IT

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines. Interactions of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) with the human body and measurement methods to determine NIR compliance.
15.45  Inadvertent ingestion exposure
Investigations into inadvertent ingestion exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace.
 16.15 Open Forum
16.30 Conference Close  Mr Joe Kearney OHSI Hon. Pres.


Dr. Colin Davy has a BSc in Biochemistry, PhD in Toxicology and an MSc in Enviromental Toxicology. He works as a Specialist Inspector (Occupational Hygiene) for HSE for the last 16 years.

Ted Murphy MB. FFOMI. Specialises in Occupational Medicine. Has his own Private Consultant Occupational Health Service based at the Northwood Clinic Santry Dublin. Dr

Sharon McGuinness is Assistant Chief Executive at the Health and Safety Authority. She heads up the Chemicals Policy and Services division, which is tasked with the introduction and enforcement of REACH in Ireland.

Dr Gurmail Padden works for the Ministry of Defence as Head of Acoustics and Vibration at the Institute of Naval Medicine. He is a member of the British Standards committees on humans and vibrations.

Martin Axon joined SafeBridge Europe as the principal occupational hygienist in 2005, and is involved in providing high level safety, health and environmental support consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, medical device companies and other related sectors.

John Ryan has worked in the Telecommunications industry for over 15 years. He joined Vilicom with the role of ensuring all radio installations designed by Vilicom are compliant with the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guideline limits

Yvette Christopher is involved in a wide range of research and consulting work at the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her main interest are in chemical exposure assessment.