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OHSI 15th Annual Conference
Detecting the Invisible
Thursday 23rd February 2006

Photos From the Day

Guest speakers with Chris Beach- BOHS Hon. President and Con Furey - OHSI Hon. President.
Guest speakers with Chris Beach- BOHS Hon. President
and Con Furey - OHSI Hon. President.

Guest speakers with Chris Beach- BOHS Hon. President
Guest speakers with Chris Beach- BOHS Hon. President
and Con Furey - OHSI Hon. President.

The OHSI Council and the guest speakers.
The OHSI Council and the guest speakers.




Conference opening Mr Con Furey OHSI Hon. Pres.


Moulds and Moisture Problems in Buildings.
Paul Wheelan 
Moisture, moulds and health effects on building occupants. An outline of sources, health issues sampling techniques and finally remediation.


Nanoparticles: An Occupational Hygiene review.
Rob Aitken.
Exposure measurements, modelling, and  the effectiveness of control and the potential health effects of nanomaterials


Tea/Coffee Break


Legislative Changes - impact on the workplace  present and future.
Rosheen McEneany


Evaluation of direct reading dust monitors for the inhalable fraction of airborne dust.
Andrew Thorpe
A study of comparing a number of direct reading instruments against the traditional sampling method.


Open Forum




Inhalation and dermal exposure to allergens
John Cherie
An investigation of the potential for dermal exposure to be a cause of respiratory sensitisation and the relationships between inhalation and dermal exposure .


Potent API Process Containment Technology
John Farris
The risk of potent pharmaceutical exposure together with  containment and control equipment choices from the lab bench through chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 


Is visually clean, clean? in the pharmaceutical environment.
Tara Denis
Quantitative and Qualitative assessment of room cleanliness following spill  cleaning techniques used for highly potent pharmaceuticals.


Open Forum


Conference Close  Mr Con Furey OHSI Hon. Pres.



Mr Paul Whelan is involved in the field of  Environmental Occupational Health Sciences. His main interests include IAQ, moulds and their impact in the workplace, the remediation of various environmental contaminants such as asbestos, lead and Legionella.

Dr Rob Aitken, Director of Research Development and Head of the Exposure Assessment Group at IOM  and is the co-ordinator of SnIRC, ( the Safety of Nanomaterials Interdisciplinary Research Centre.

Ms Rosheen McEneany Head of the Occupational Hygiene Policy and Technical Unit of HSA. This Unit deals the legislative/technical/policy and procedural development for areas including : chemical agents, asbestos, biological agents, carcinogens, Physical agents, general OH including risk assessment and control measures and the Health Sector.

Andrew Thorpe is currently in the Exposure Control section of the HSL in the UK where he has worked in a number of related sections. He has extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of air filtration, dust control, aerosol science and dust sampling/monitoring.

Dr John Cherrie is involved in a wide range of research and consulting work at the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland. His main interests are in chemical exposure assessment, particularly dermal exposure.

John Farris, President and CEO, SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. and is involved in providing high level safety, health and environmental support consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, medical device companies and other related sectors.

Tara Dennis  is an occupational hygienist with Sypol Ltd., a UK based HSE consultancy. Prior to this she completed an MSc in Occ. Health and Ergonomics in NUI Galway and is  presenting the findings of her thesis here.